Google ADS Guide

Hello guys. Today, I gathered the content about Google ADS AdWords which I shared on Instagram as a post and attracted a lot of attention. I hope you like this content and benefit from it. This content is about Google ADS set-up, optimization, improvement recommendations and efficiency. Google AD... Read More

Custom Software VS WordPress

Many people have asked me on Instagram whether it is best to use custom software or a WordPress website for SEO efforts. Recently, I published a survey on Instagram. The survey results showed that 55% selected WordPress (143) and 45% selected Custom Software (117) option. In this article, I w... Read More

Basic Level - Recommendations for LCP and CLS Scores

I will try to share the simplified and basic version of Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS) elements of PageSpeed Insights application with increasing importance especially for SEO work for individuals without professional knowledge. In previous months, I shared ... Read More

What Are Web Vitals?

Web Vitals is the measurement that is introduced by Google to improve the website for users and provides measurement to improve the websites with certain value measurements and scores. It is possible to measure these scores at the website level for both mobile and desktop side with the Pagespeed... Read More

What Is Cumulative Layout Shift (CLS)?

I would like to share this content with you by saying that you will start to hear the Cumulative Layout Shift term more in the future... Cumulative Layout Shift is a measurement element that Google considers in search results and that will contribute more to applications in the following months. I w... Read More

What Is Pagespeed Insights

PageSpeed Insights is a system that measures important values such as website user usage, usage ease, fast opening and loading and scores your website accordingly. At the same time, PageSpeed Insights scores your website based on your user experience and informs you about what you need to do on lo... Read More

Who Is Mert Şener?

I am a person who has been providing professional services in the field of e-commerce software - consultancy and SEO since 2005, and I love to research and develop in these areas. Since 2005, I have been producing e-commerce software, web-based software and making improvements in SEO at İnajans which I am a founder and a partner. In addition to the services I mentioned, İnajans firm also includes services such as web design, content management and systems.

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Who is Mert Şener?

He is a professional developer who has served hundreds of companies with 16 years of experience in the field of Ecommerce and SEO .
Recently (November 2021), I have been providing SEO consultancy services to Transcom Translate, FlyHealth, Psychologist Özkan Yiğit and